Pogo guide for loading, connection and crashing issues

29 Mar

Pogo games runs in your web browser and mostly rely on your computer system and the browser versions it’s running on. In order to make your computer run swiftly you need to update your software. If anything is not updated you might experience problems like game will not load up or crashing mid-way. This are considered as pogo sign in problems. This guide will walk you through step by step way to resolve most of the causes of the issues. You need pogo tech support regarding issues call on toll free 1-800-979-9206.


The first thing that you can do is try pogo compatibility scan tools which will quickly identify all the most common issues and will walk you through the scanning the computer. This will help in getting a solution for all the errors and scan finds. As you troubleshoot the errors you need to run the scan again to double check if the errors are gone. If there is no error displayed continue with the next step or repeat. First things first, you need to know if your game is running on Flash or Java. You can check this by reviewing the list of flash or install java pogo games. Regardless of the type of java or flash games you play you need to clean up your Brower cache. If you still have problems with loading and playing pogo games, check for your resolution settings. If you have windows 8 you might not be able to access all the pogo games from the start screen, switch to desktop screen for full access. If you are under firewall or proxy server, you might have some issues loading the game. Pop ups blockers might also be a problem in certain games. Although not always you might need assistance while playing pogo games and we are here to help.


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