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How to Attract Women 101: Body Language, Confidence, and Good First Impressions

15 Feb

When it comes to attracting women on the first date, it’s important to remember that it’s all about proper body language, self-confidence, and imparting a good first impression. Acting shy and staring too intently at a girl will only make her think that you’re creepy. Always remember that first impressions last, and the last thing you want to happen is to have a girl think you’re not a very mature guy. When it comes to how to pick up girls , it’s all about exuding confidence. The less confidence you exude, the more likely the woman you’re dating will be turned off by you. Don’t make a terrible first impression! Remind yourself that it’s just a date, you’re merely hanging out, and it’s not the end of the world if things don’t go as planned. Relax.

Other Tips That Can Help You Win Over Your Date

 One other tip that will help you win over your date is to have a bit of swagger in your step, because a confident guy would have control of how he moves. This type of body language will keep your date at ease, because you give the impression that you’re a man with a plan. She’ll be more comfortable and restful around a guy who is himself at ease with himself and is comfortable in his skin.

 It’s a good idea to calm yourself down to the point that you’re not fidgety anymore. The more fidgety you are, the more uncomfortable a girl will be around you. After all, think about it; if you were to meet a fidgety man in a bus with a seemingly hair-trigger temper, you’d be suspicious of him immediately. Always be aware of how you present yourself.

 Finally, sit upright and keep a relaxed posture. If you’re not relaxed around how to date a girl , she won’t be relaxed around you. She won’t babysit for you and she won’t try to do the motherly thing and baby you until you calm down. She’s looking for a date and potential boyfriend, not a child to take care of.