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Mind Control Countermeasures For The Modern Man

25 Oct

Finally getting the girl you like to say yes doesn’t mean that you have to stop impressing her. If you want to keep the romance on fire, you should always make the move as a man so she feel secured of your affection. Girls on the other hand will make every effort to make a man happy so it a man must be able to reciprocate it using simple gestures.

As the one who leads the relationship, a man’s quest on How to kiss a girl covers every aspect of the relationship including sex. Now that you have the girl of your dreams, make her fall for you even more.

Simple Gestures to Impress Your Girl

¾     Cook something for her. Even a simple meal means so much to your partner.Dating multiple women a romantic dinner that you prepare will send her to heaven and back. If you don’t have the skills, prepare some simple snacks such salads or basic breakfasts that needs little frying.

¾     A guy holding a baby is a perfect picture of manliness. Impress your woman with your baby holding skills. She will find this gesture sweet and drive her nuts for you.

¾     Make sure she achieves climax before you do. Sex is an important part of a relationship. Make sure to give her an orgasm when having sex and be open to try anything with her.

¾     Take note of important dates. Women value anniversaries and “first times”. Celebrate little moments with her to make her feel that you value your relationship.

¾     Keep her comfortable. If you are both busy with meetings and job commitments, squeeze in a little time to give her a massage every time you see each other. Work your hands on her back all the way to her feet and make her feel that you every second with her is a piece of heaven.